Cat Van

The Great White Cat Van
Driver's side front seat with laptop setup.
Jumper cables, tool kit, and flashlight behind driver's front seat.
First aid kit and gas can behind passenger front seat.
The lid of my laptop desk slides back to reveal the cooler.
My ladder is bungee corded to the back of the passenger side of the cargo divider.
I built a little closet that I bolted to the driver's side of the cargo divider.
I've got the jacket, a change of clothes, and some rain gear in there.
You can also see the fire extinguisher I bolted to the driver's side of the cargo divider.
I built this little cabinet for all the odd stuff that's useful to have.
I've got some paper towels, insect repellant, soap, room freshners, sun block, and trash bags in the top drawer.
The bottom drawer holds the trash can, some bleach, degreaser, and waterless cleaner.
Under the desk, I've used eye bolts and bungee cords to secure the shredder and some portable file cases
My van also has this little red button, which shuts off the back-up beep when necessary.
The wiring is located behind the access panel on the driver's side rear of the cargo area. I spliced in a relay and ran a ground wire to the front of the van.
The End