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          Details: This is my National Geographic Earth Explorer backpack, size medium. I got it from B & H Photo. As with all photo backpacks, it's function is to transport my gear, and not so much to work out of. On the plus side, it is large enough to hold all the gear I commonly take with me, as well as snacks, a light jacket, water, etc... It is also about as large a backpack as will reliably fit under a US airline seat. It's stylish, and, logo aside, does not scream "Photography Backpack". It will also hold my 15.4" laptop easily enough from the top-loader position.

On the minus side, it's pretty much impossible to access your gear with this thing on your back. I often put the rain cover on the strap side and sit it on the ground to work out of. Also, this thing can get quite heavy when fully loaded, and lacks the hip-strap of the larger model, making long distance trekking somewhat unpleasant. This is the sacrifice for capacity and size, and there is no ready work-around. The canvas is not waterproof, and shows dirt well if you are concerned about such things. Over all, I am highly satisfied with the bag and it's ability to perform it's intended function.

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