Tripod & Ballhead

Center Column Horizontal

Center Column Upside Down

Tripod & Ballhead

          Details: I use a Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod in conjunction with a Really Right Stuff ballhead (BH-55) and L-plate. The Manfrotto Tripod legs are a bit heavy at five pounds and some change, but you get some nice features in return for the weight. The center column can be positioned horizontally or upside down. In conjunction with the ballhead, the camera is level with my eyes (I'm 6' tall) without having to extend the center column. Between the tripod and ballhead, I can orient my camera at almost any angle on any terrain.

To haul this monster around, I use a monster of a bag: The aptly named Think Tank Bazooka. It gets a fair share of commentary when hauling through the airport screening area. The Bazooka will accomodate the tripod with the head attached, but usually I just leave the head in my National Geographic Photography Pack. This allows me to keep the Bazooka as compact as I can in order to minimize overhead bin space.

TT Bazooka


With Ballhead


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