VLTOR VIS2 Short Barrelled Rifle

Upper Receiver:
   Vltor VIS2 Midlength upper
   Vltor Gas Block
   RRA Chrome Lined Barrel
   RRA Bolt Group
   PRI Gasbuster Charging
   PRI Flip Up Sights
   Noveske KX3 Flashhider

Lower Receiver:
   Superior Arms Lower
         w/ FDCC Logo
   RRA Parts Kit
   Magpul Trigger Guard
   Vltor Clubfoot Mod Stock

VIS2 Parts


Barrelled Upper


This SBR started as a desire on my part to have something a little different. At the 2007 Shot Show, I got my first glimpse of the midlength VLTOR VIS2 monolithic upper. I knew I had to have it, so I begged and bargained with Eric until he gave in and sold it to me. Incidentally, I think he got naming rights to my first born child somewhere in the deal. Vltor seems like a nice enough name for a boy.



PRI Sights

Phantom FH

Steve at Adco was kind enough to provide a barrel and cut it down to 9.5". The barrel is a chrome-lined 1:9 twist from Rock River. Wes at MSTN provided the Noveske Brake. The lower receiver is a Superior Arms lower that features our FDCC club logo on the other side.






Got it out to the range over the course of a week. Session 1 found me with an SBAR (Short Bolt Action Rifle), as it short-stroked every round. Took it home, greased it up good, and went back. Still short stroking every round. I sort of expected this, as 9.5" is an unusual barrel size, and there is not a lot of barrel left after the gas port. I didn't want to simply drill a larger gas port hole, as that doesn't necessarily solve things, and can make cycling harsh. I did end up having to go very slightly larger on the gas port, but only a little bit. With the addition of the Krink brake, I have all the back pressure needed to cycle just about anything.

Second trip out, I learned that sighting in at 25 yards makes one way high (about 4" at 50 yds, about 7" at 100 yds). The 25 yard performance, though, was fantastic.


50 Yds

50 Yds Mag

50 Yds No Mag

100 Yds

Last trip out at the range, I sighted it in at 50 yards, using a bipod. The target below is the last one I shot at 50 yards, and probably the best of the day. One five shot group without magnification, and one four shot group with (would have been 5, but I ran out). Both turned out pretty good, about the size of a quarter. I usually shoot at steel plates so that I don't have to worry about groupings. Don't know what I am capable of with a normal rifle, but I was pretty pleased with this short one. All shooting was done with cheap 55 grain Remington from Walmart. Last target is 100 yards freehand with the 3x magnifier. Minute of man, good enough for me!

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